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Leonardo Baptist Church



What is a Good News Club?

It's an after school program (4:45-6:00 pm) on Wednesdays where
children (ages 4-12) gather with their friends to sing visualized songs,
memorize verses, learn from the Bible, and play a fun game.  

Our teacher, Diane Polhemus, has been working with children for
years and loves teaching them about God.  She works for Child
Evangelism Fellowship in New Egypt, NJ.

Through the missionary time, they learn of children around the world who are following Jesus. Their offering is given to a missionary family.

A visualized Bible story always applies God's Word to what is
happening in their own lives.  Afterward, they play a game that helps
them remember the lesson that was taught.  At the end of the Good
News time, the children get a snack and drink.

There is no fee to participate in this program
that is so important for kids!

This club runs from October through April every year.

For more information, please call Joanna Crilly at (732) 319-9705.

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